Frequently Asked Questions

commongoods is a platform for users to share items they do not need. Instead of these goods being kept away unused or thrown away, users can share them the community. Other members who need such items can then obtain them, for free. See more in the about page.
The name references how items placed here are shared or “common”, free for the entire community to use and share.
Our logo is composed of the initials ‘c’ and ‘g’ arranged to form a heart, representing our vision to make our society a more caring one.
commongoods has a reputation system that users can use to decide if an individual can be trusted. Be warned of users with negative reputation. As nothing in commongoods involves money there is little at risk, however.
You can flag the user on his profile page by clicking the red flag button, decreasing his reputation.
Once a person indicates his interest in your item via the “Get Item” button, you can then privately message them to arrange for a transfer.
Click on the icon at the upper-right hand corner. In the dropdown menu, select “New Item”. Here you can list an item with a description as well as an image.
Use the search system (a search box is located in the menu bar at all times) and type in your query. Any related goods will be listed. Click on one of them to go the item profile, where you can click the “Get Item” button. The owner will receive a notification and can accept your request.
Click on the icon on the top right hand corner of the screen. Under the drop down menu, select notifications. Any requests will be listed here.